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About us...


We are an ethical, family run, breeding program, located in Eastern North Carolina, of Miniature American Shepherds (also known as Toy & Mini Australian Shepherds or Toy & Mini Aussies) and German Shorthaired Pointers. We started raising puppies out of a passionate love for these beautiful, fun-loving breeds & a desire to bless other families with their loving companionship. 


All of our dogs are health tested & up to date on all routine vaccinations and care.  They are fed healthy diets & live very active lives. Our dogs are treasured parts of our family & live life right alongside us. We strive to provide them daily enrichment and lots of love & attention.  Each of our dogs are specifically paired as a pet with a member of our family so they feel as extra special as they are. Most of all, all our dogs are beloved by us & we enjoy their company. 

We strive to raise high quality, good tempered, family oriented dogs that conform to their breed standards.  All of our litters are thoughtfully planned and produced from our carefully chosen & vetted, health tested males and females from quality lines.  From the time they're conceived, then whelped and raised until handed over into your care, we pour our heart into the care and attention to your future pup. 


All puppies are raised in our home, handled with love and exposed to everyday household sounds and noises.  Our puppies leave us with exposure to crate training, ENS(Early Neurological Stimulation), litter box potty trained & lots of socialization.  All puppies come with regular deworming, first shots, a microchip, a genetic health guarantee, registration paperwork & a goody bag.

We strive to produce healthy, well rounded puppies with good temperament & work ethic whose natural athletic abilities & drive will make both excellent companions at home as well as fun partners in hiking, camping, and various dog sports.  We do not dock tails.  All of our puppies keep their tails as we are specializing in sport and agility lines.  

The Miniature American Shepherd is an intelligent, active, and fun-loving breed that does best with families that are willing & able to meet their mental and physical needs.  All puppies will be registered with the ASDR & eligible for AKC registration.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is an intelligent, social & active breed who also does best with families who are willing and able to provide an environment that meet their mental and physical needs.  All puppies will be AKC registered. 



Emmy-June & Pidge

with their Sophia


Bennett, Finley, & Papi

with their Sarah


Lani, Leeli, Merry, & Luka

with their Eric and Angie



with her Elliana



with his Josiah



with her Elijah

German Shorthaired Pointers



with her Eric



with her Sophia



with his Elijah

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